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jaartal: 2013
categorie: Culture
locatie: Amsterdam
partner: Let Geerling

Sparkling Light / Drinking Water Fountain marks the remarkable year 2013 – the accession of King Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange-Nassau – and will be the start of a drinking water culture as a new brand for the sustainable watercity of Amsterdam.

Sparkling Light / Drinking Water Fountain is designed as a prototype of sustainable design and drinking water system. a sparkling symbol of the worldwide care for water and a welcoming gesture of the city to inhabitants and visitors, empowering the challenge of water we face into the 21th century. the new drinking water fountains will be developped in cooperation with the local Waternet and energy societies as a prototype of a new public waterculture in Amsterdam. after the Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 they will be taken into production to be spread througout the whole city.